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About us
About us
About us

Coordinated R&D and Engineering capacity on demand

We develop or improve advanced systems, components, structures and tools for customers and with customers. As Engineering consultants we deliver feasibility studies, develop system architecture, work on ideation, concept development and concept maturing. For customers where the concept stands we realize detailed engineering, analysis including advanced simulation, validation, design for production, certification and delivery of prototypes or testing rigs.

We execute analysis or engineering work, we expand autonomous capacity of R&D departments in flexible manner or we operate as a flexible external R&D department.

Work at Huygens Engineers has a practical focus and stands on a sound theoretical foundation. Our background is Mechanical and Electrical science. Our experience lies in creation and analysis in the field of mechanical design, aspects of material science & tribology, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, aspects of process engineering, transmission, electrical machine design, control engineering, sensors.

We work on cutting edge results in high-tech, fluidics, renewable energy, ship propulsion and power conversion / stability in systems small and large, with power ranging from milliwatts to Megawatts.

We are located in Hengelo close to Universiteit Twente and in The Hague close to Technische Universiteit Delft.

"We are more oriented at competences than industry"

Complex calculation on a screen Complex calculation on a screen
Engineers from Huygens Engineers does simulations on a computer Engineers from Huygens Engineers does simulations on a computer
 Competency-oriented innovative components  Competency-oriented innovative components

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