About us

About us
About us

Working at Huygens Engineers

We provide a stimulating working environment for engineers both on Bachelor and Master level that fosters a culture which balances practical result orientation and assurance of theoretical foundation. Working with colleagues, customers and technical partners, each individual powers one or several multidisciplinary teams with an intensity of interaction that depends on the nature of the technical project, by his specialisation, and by his personality.

Huygens is active in application & component engineering, application & component development, technology development, building support, prototype delivery, performance measurement and related services. We are active in the field of mechatronics, motion technology, fluid technology, controls and propulsion. We serve customers in the marine, food, and renewable energy industry, although other industries are also represented. We offer an exciting combination of breadth and depth to engineers with a curious, open, disciplined and practical mind.

We offer opportunity for personal development with:

  • Structured competence development, both technical and project-management skills
  • Coaching in the mechanisms related to work effectiveness and work satisfaction
  • Rapid learning
  • Targeted training
  • Utilisation of the specific individual qualities of each, while staying connected to the requirements of common technical profiles

Our benefit package includes:

  • Competitive salary and pension-benefits
  • Flexibility in the number of paid-days of leave
  • For most positions: limited travelling and work from our own premises
  • Access to partnership in the company, based on proven added value

"The ultimate goal of Huygens Engineers is to make you feel at home when you are at work. We think we are usually good at this"

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