Affordable design and development services

Huygens Engineers provides reliable and affordable design and development services for new (OEM) components, precision set-ups and sytems/machines. This applies to both improvements and entirely new designs. We can realise the complete process in-house: starting with concept design, going to technical specification, detailed design, first prototype build and ending with validation.

Our strength is to combine theoretical understanding (mechanical, heat, fluid dynamics, electric, electromagnetic, control) with practical experience in various areas, including design for production, rapid design of measurement setups, data analysis, and realisation of prototypes.

The design process does not end at the drawing table. As we are often involved in the realisation phase, the focus of every project remains practical. Our clients can come to us for every design and implementation step. Project capacity varies by phase, depending on the required work intensity. This prevents unnecessary cost.

"Our strength is to combine theoretical understanding with practical experience"

Component and system development for OEM

Huygens Engineers provides designs for power- and power conversion components (shaft to fluid and fluid to shaft), function-critical components and precision mechanical components. Testing and measuring programs are often part of the assignments.

Design of high performance machines

Due to oft complex behaviour of handled material and advanced technology involved, preliminary design plays an important part in special machine design. In this phase, we work in close collaboration with the client’s production team. This results in a fitting solution and a technical specification. We ensure an efficient design by combining relevant knowledge of engineering, thermals, measuring and control technology, electrical engineering and ergonomics.

Tools and moving structures

Huygens Engineers integrates mechanical design with sensor choices, actuation, thermal design, sealing aspects and fluid interaction. We often work in multidisciplinary teams with clients, knowledge institutes and suppliers.

Power grids and machines

Huygens Engineers not only has experience in working with magnetic systems but also a deep understanding and broad knowledge in the areas of permanent magnet motors and generators, connecting generators to the grid and stability problems on weak grids. We also have experience with comparisons of topologies for electromagnetic drives and power generation. We design motors, actuators, generators and control technology for power supplies. Additionally, we are involved in the connection of sustainable energy sources to the power grid via conversion steps. We perform electromagnetic and thermal calculations and carry out simulations during the development and design phases.

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