Vacancy: Electrical Engineer Control, Power Conversion & Power Systems

Balances conceptual understanding and practical approach

Vacancy: Electrical Engineer Control, Power Conversion & Power Systems

€ 3300-6600 euro p/m

Location Hengelo or The Hague

Profile of the candidate:

  • MSc Electrical Engineering with background that includes power conversion, power systems and physical modelling of the system to control. A candidate having a PhD degree or a BSc degree with relevant experience may also apply

  • The systems to design, specify, implement and commission include electrical machines, grid connections, batteries, electrolysers, converters, PLCs and SCADA systems in a broad power range from 30 W to 3 MW

  • In house development of the converters as such is limited: most components are bought although we design or develop electrical machines when required. A good understanding power conversion inner workings is important

  • Proven programming experience/skills in at least one of the following: MatLab/Simulink, Python, PLC (ST)

  • Working in projects within a team

  • A hands-on and autonomous mentality being both at ease with programming, assessing hardware and troubleshooting

  • A willingness to expand knowledge and experience base. Following industry developments closely

  • Experience with VACON NX, Control Techniques, ABB ACS 800 & 880 and Beckhoff is valued

The promise of Huygens Engineers is: Useful technical innovations, calculations and realizations. We assist OEMs large and small in meeting their product-innovation agenda. We deliver three main engineering processes: straightforward engineering, high maturity development and low maturity development. The industries we are active in are: high tech production technology, renewables, marine propulsion, and high tech fluidics. We also assist asset operators and -developers  in their development and deployment programs.

The nature of the job:

To identify requirements, design and realize customer and application solutions.


Depending on the project size and project nature, work happens individually or in a team. The team may be constituted of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and engineering physicists at Huygens engineers, but may also include representatives of our customer.


Communication with the customer and proper filing is part of the work: report writing, presentation making and giving presentations to customers.


At Huygens Engineers we work as a team, and willingness to support colleagues in their activities is central to both individual growth and a supportive and pleasant work atmosphere. Openness to feed-back and challenge is a required quality.

Huygens Engineers

  • An experienced team of 24 professionals (4 PhD, 15 MSc, 5 BSc) including 4 Electrical Engineers. 20 additional colleagues are active in advanced mechanical engineering, engineering physics and control in Hengelo (main office) and the Hague. These locations aim at closeness to Twente University and Delft University.

  • We design, engineer, realize and validate technical innovations for customers, including necessary special tools of any nature.

  • Our fields of expertise are advanced mechanical engineering including heat and fluid interaction and electrical engineering including actuator design, control design and power conversion control

  • We balance hands-on mentality and foundational soundness

  • Most work at Huygens Engineers is done in our own premises, travel to customer locations is usually for meetings and commissioning purposes

Salary Range

  • 3300-6600 euro p/m depending on experience and personality

Acquisition in response to this job offer is not appreciated.


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