Electrical Engineer systems & control

Identify requirements, design and realize customer and application solutions.

Conceptual thinker who enjoys implementing his analysis in a system that works.

Communication with the customer and proper filing is part of the work: report writing, presentation making and giving presentations to customers.

Depending on the project size and project nature, work happens individually or in a team. The team may be constituted of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and engineering physicists at Huygens engineers, but may also include representatives of our customer.

Electrical Engineer systems & control

€ 40.000 – € 70.000

Location Hengelo or The Hague


  • Interact with the client to identify, report and verify requirements

  • Check applicable standards and implementation of the standards

  • Interact with suppliers to identify critical values of parameters

  • Consider feasibility aspects and system analysis

  • Analysing the physics and develop analytic model

  • Control system modelling and stability analysis in for example Matlab-Simulink

  • Optimization of design

  • Using version control tools like: GIT, SVN, PDM

  • Developing in house software tools for automizing the design process in Python, Matlab/octave

  • Being able to implement hardware, and making schematics for cabinet builder

  • Analysing measurements, fitting data and check results with design

  • Commissioning and troubleshooting (in person or through others)


  • Work where we make a difference for our customers

  • Work across varied projects and industries

  • A positive tension between practical and theoretical orientation

  • A culture with balance between commitment to contribute and having a private life

  • A culture aiming at building professionalism, competence and autonomy

  • An open culture where influence is based on competence and integrity regardless of gender, identification, ethnicity, religion or age

  • Possibilities to influence the industries and type of projects Huygens is working on

  • Workhours are flexibles

  • Substantial personal- and career development possibilities

  • Salary indication: €40.000,- to €70.000,-

  • Location of the position: Hengelo or The Hague
Huygens Engineers office Huygens Engineers office
Electrical Engineer systems & control Electrical Engineer systems & control

Huygens Engineers

Our promise is useful technical innovations, calculations and realizations. Our customers market systems in the high tech industry, renewables, marine, and components for internal transport systems. 

Customers subcontract R&D to Huygens Engineers to give technical functions a (new) embodiment or to contribute to the result in a larger customer team. We develop and validate systems, products, machines, special tools where mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control and physics are involved, and require a professional approach. We work for a number of industry-leading customers.

We now employ 20 engineers including a number of PhDs, are growing substantially, and aim to keep to a size where technical discussion dominates over process management, and where we all know each other well. We expect to grow to 30 engineers fairly rapidly.

Our dominant business model is work for hire, where work happens at our facilities, mostly in teams, and IP is for the customer. We do not rent out engineers at customer-locations except for service or commissioning. Budget predictability for the customer is provided through adequate staging and prior estimation of work for stages that start. We have few fixed price contracts.

We offer an exciting combination of breadth and depth to engineers with a curious, open, disciplined and practical mind.

Acquisition in response to this job offer is not appreciated.


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