HPC - Calculation cluster

Huygens Engineers has its own powerful HPC / calculation cluster for the large simulations and analysis’s. By owning our own HPC / calculation cluster Huygens Engineers uses the maximum advantage of all our Ansys licenses and the confidential customer data remains insides Huygens Engineers. Huygens Engineers uses the following hardware and licenses:

  • 32 cores calulation capacity of an average of 3.2 GHz per core
  • 384 Gb 2400MHz memory
  • 1,5TB Z-Turbo Quad Pro PCIE x16 SSD hard disc
  • 12 Gb Nvidea Quadro graphic card
  • Ansys Mechanical Enterprise
  • Ansys Fluent
  • Ansys CFX
  • Ansys Profesional
  • Ansys Pro NLS
  • Ansys HPC Packs

The combination of the powerful HPC / calculation cluster and all the licenses creates a perfect infrastructure for all Mechanical simulations, Thermal simulations, Physical simulations and CFD-simulations.


Please contact us for further inquiries and more information.

HPC / calculation cluster
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