Huygens Engineers performs contract calculations and contract simulations

Huygens Engineers performs contract calculations and contract simulations. The company produces an even larger number of calculations and simulations during the process of development and engineering. The share of calculation and simulation varies widely among projects. We aim to keep analytical insight as the main driver for design, with subsequent confirmation through FEA.

We have accumulated experience and knowledge with advanced calculation & simulation services in the fields of mechanics, heat, fluid flow and electromagnetics. Building interfaces between software environments, advanced postprocessing and programming is regularly part of our work.

Huygens Engineers operates among others one of the ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise CFD Maxwell 3D licenses in the Netherlands with which coupled simulations can be realized in the 3 domains of mechanics, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics, and possesses a Windows compute cluster with 384 GB RAM and 36 cores for computationally intensive simulations.

Software commonly used for calculations and simulations:

  • Altair Fluxmotor
  • Altair Embed
  • ANSYS Mechanical Enterpise & Pro
  • ANSYS CFD (Fluent, CFX, ICEM)
  • ANSYS Maxwell 3D
  • Kisssoft
  • MathCad
  • MatLab
  • Phase to phase Vision
  • Python
  • SolidWorks Simulate & Motion

Configuration software

For mature designs we build software to help engineers validate applications in the fields of service-life, strength or heat dissipation. We design such software usually to run autonomously (Python, .net). The engine may be analytical of self-programmed 2D FEA.



  • Strength, stress and strain
  • Fatigue calculations and damage calculations with complex loads
  • Buckling analysis
  • Modal analysis and harmonic response
  • Geometry optimization
  • Effect of tolerance spread on component-performance
  • Body dynamics
  • Writing software for cases that cannot be solved in standard simulation environments


  • Flow modeling and flow calculations
  • Optimizing cooling and heating
  • Acoustic numerical simulations


  • Magnetic brake
  • Reluctance motors and effect of moving electromagnets on toothed geometry
  • Topology comparison for electromagnetic actuation
  • Design of motors, actuators and generators


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