Mechanical calculations and simulations

Effect of tolerance spread on component-performance

Manufacturing tolerances and variations of temperature and/or load can have a big influence on the performance of a system, especially when the product is small compared to the magnitude of the tolerances. Instead of demanding higher precisions on a large number of dimensions in a product to reduce the part-to-part variation, Huygens Engineers focuses on a screening of the design to identify the ‘big fish’; the parameters with the largest impact on the system performance.


With these parameters identified, the required tolerances can be calculated, or the system can be optimized using Monte Carlo simulations to change the design and reduce the effect of the parameters, allowing for wider tolerances and a reduced cost price for the part, as well as a better part-to-part performance.

A Monte Carlo simulation A Monte Carlo simulation
The figure shows an application of a Monte Carlo simulation for the effect of tolerance spread on a mechanical sensor.

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