Problem-solving and checks of machine behavior during the realization

Building support, testing and measurement programs represent approximately 15% of the hours at Huygens Engineers.

Important aspects of our building-support consist of joint problem-solving and checks of machine behavior during the realization of control automation. In addition, we may check crucial parts and may validate changes resulting from building insights. We deliver manuals as a last step of the project when relevant.

Functional testing of built components, instruments, machines and systems can be applicable in any project, and sometimes this is the focus:

  • When we compare behavior of competing products against their specification
  • When we test and validate operating principles of part-assemblies or lab-models

We often build simple set-ups ourselves.
Validation of machines based on a new principle, or mapping of performance or behavior of lab-models may require sizeable measurement programs. Huygens Engineers then designs a plan that balances minimization of the needed number of measurements on one hand and repeatability and predictability on the other hand. Measurement programs are sometimes realized in house, and sometimes within a recognized institute.

 Assembly guidance  Assembly guidance
Simple set-up Simple set-up

"We often build simple set-ups ourselves"

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