Engineering and building support

Engineering and building support


Within a framework of proven principles and technologies, we engineer according to specification and deliver quality drawings and reports to enable reliable building of the needed system or component. Huygens Engineers delivers practical approaches for redesigns and new systems alike. We have the experience and process capability to deliver your project on time and within budget.

We perform detailed engineering work for mechanical and mechatronic solutions ranging from a few mm (sensors) to tens of meters (tidal-turbine frames) and ranging from a single part (specialized tool) to a few hundred parts (production machines).

We aim to rapidly understand the key issues involved in machine/system and component-engineering, and minimize design-time while keeping realization and maintenance costs in check. If applicable, all knowledge of the product-team of the customer is utilized. We sometimes work as a part of a larger team, and sometimes as an autonomous team. The result translates into an efficient design that integrates structural analysis, production methods and mechanical, thermal, control and electrical designs.

Huygens Engineers employees Huygens Engineers employees

Cooperation with key-suppliers and a disciplined analysis will result in a specification. After having laid the basis for the project we move to the detailed design. Since we are often involved in the realization phase of a project, the focus remains always practical. We are committed to have our customers experience this orientation.

Using direct modeling (CREO Elements Direct) will result in the most efficient mechanical design approach. Parametric modeling (SolidWorks, Siemens Nx or other) is also an option when required by the production environment of the customer. Analysis, if relevant, is done using both FEA/CFD (ANSYS) and analytical approaches (Mathcad). User interfaces are outlined, control-methods for actuators are defined and software is functionality specified. Actual realization of software development, control-engineering, and electrical engineering is subcontracted to partners.

Next to broad design experience, Huygens Engineers has specific experience in integration of custom-designed permanent-magnet motors, components operating in water, cycloidal reduction boxes, and sensor integration.

Huygens Engineers naturally provides building support, and is prepared to take responsibility for delivery of the system/prototype where it adds value.

For medium to large system/component engineering projects, a customer can expect the following process-steps, running parallel with the coordination between disciplines and the overall project planning and budget control:

  1. Mapping and identifying key issues

  2. Analysis, calculations and involvement of key suppliers

  3. Validation of specification

  4. Design outline, OEM pre-selection, and builder pre-selection if outsourced

  5. (Cost)engineering

  6. Detailed engineering

  7. Design of the protocol of acceptance

  8. Certification documents

  9. Design of maintenance cycle

  10. Building support for prototype or one-off projects

  11. Support in testing & tuning

Examples from practice

Systeem-engineering example Systeem-engineering example
Component-engineering example Component-engineering example


  • 1/12th scale flapping foil propulsor for tank testing at MARIN
  • Tidal turbine frame
  • Design of a portal crane
  • Engineering of a modified fairground attraction
  • Scissor-lift for light motorcycle handling
  • Tidal turbine handling tool
  • Adaptive trimmer
  • Steamer prototype
  • Centrifuge redesign


  • Powered roller
  • Wireless weight transponder
  • Redesign of a thruster from bevel-gear to crown-gear drive
  • Weight-optimized design of a complex oscillating frame
  • Scale-up of a tidal turbine
  • Beta prototype design of an oil-free conveyor drive system for the food industry


No system/component-engineering project is too small for Huygens Engineers. We are energized by professional execution and by visible customer satisfaction. We enjoy narrow cooperation with customer project-teams, and like to work in multidisciplinary teams where this is applicable.

Building support Huygens Engineers Building support Huygens Engineers
Building support Huygens Engineers Building support Huygens Engineers

Building support

As an extension of our engineering and development projects, Huygens Engineers provides support in each of the realization steps of a sizeable/complex project, including the following elements:

  • Quality-control on a component level, adding value both for the customer and the builder as it reduces trouble-shooting cost

  • Instruction (and sometimes hands-on clarification) for assembly, transferring knowledge from the design-team to the building-team, speeding up the building process and providing a first step towards improvements. It is also a much-valued feedback opportunity for Huygens Engineers, which allows us to further improve on the practical side

  • Screen-design validation for software and clarification for control, an indispensable activity to get to a machine that is pleasant and practical to utilize

  • Offering assistance to the customer in case of formal certification steps

  • Joined assessment with the customer on compliance with the specifications and design upon realization of a project, forming a first step towards a possibly more extensive testing program

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