Graduated at TU Delft and new colleague at Huygens Engineers

On the 31st of March, our new hire Lars Koel graduated from the TUDelft with his master thesis Aerospace Engineering.

The topic of his thesis, sponsored by Huygens Engineers, was the determination of the quasi-static and fatigue strength of helically wrapped structures.

The helically wrapped structure is made of a metal strip which is helically wrapped around itself, and the overlapping interfaces are adhesively joined. A thin-walled hollow tube is created with this method. It is being considered for load carrying structures.

Lars analysed the fatigue crack growth through the adhesive joint and the metal. It was found that the metal was critical for the quasi-static and fatigue strength under some hypotheses. The animation shows the manufacturing of the helically wrapped structure. The structure was created and tested for validation of the FEA models.

We congratulate Lars with his graduation and we warmly welcome him at Huygens Engineers.

Graduated at TU Delft



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